Bill of Lading

The BoL dataset gathers millions of records for products shipped to and from the United States. Compiled by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), this wealth of previously unavailable data encompasses critical information such as consignees, shippers, product descriptions, quantities traded, and more, serving as a record of transactions between shipping parties.

  • Company-Specific insights: BoL data connects shipments to individual companies, enabling a granular analysis of individual company behavior and procurement practices.
  • High Resolution: BoL data shows specific details for each shipping port. Therefore, by comparing BoL data with more traditional datasets, we can spot trade changes that we might not see when looking only at large areas.
  • Near Real-Time Monitoring: The frequent release of BoL data enables near real-time tracking of supply chain disruptions and trade networks, facilitating understanding of trade shock impacts.
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