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World Trade (2020): $16.7T

Top Exporter (2020): China, $2.65T

Top Importer (2020): United States, $2.24T

Most Complex Economy (2020): Japan, 2.4

Overview In this page you will find historical data for the world trade. Also, latest trade data is available for selected countries.

Countries In 2020, world biggest exporters were China ($2.65T), United States ($1.34T), Germany ($1.33T), Japan ($623B), and South Korea ($531B) and world biggest importers were United States ($2.24T), China ($1.55T), Germany ($1.11T), United Kingdom ($610B), and Japan ($581B).

Products In 2020, world's most traded products were Electronic integrated circuits ($669B), Motor cars and other motor vehicles; principally designed for the transport of persons (other than those of heading no. 8702), including station wagons and racing cars ($645B), Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals; crude ($640B), Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous minerals, not crude; preparations n.e.c, containing by weight 70% or more of petroleum oils or oils from bituminous minerals; these being the basic constituents of the preparations; waste oils ($451B), and Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting or television, whether or not incorporating reception apparatus or sound recording or reproducing apparatus; television cameras, digital cameras and video camera recorders ($429B).

Economic Complexity In 2020, the world most complex economies were Japan (2.4), Chinese Taipei (2.24), South Korea (2.11), Switzerland (2.1), and Germany (1.94). In contrast, the world least complex economies were Sudan (-1.48), Papua New Guinea (-1.54), Nigeria (-1.55), Mauritania (-1.63), and Guinea (-1.91).


The following section shows the trade patterns over time for the world.

Disclaimer: data is presented based on availability and only countries that use the harmonized system are being shown.

*All data is converted to USD using January 2020 exchange rates when data is reported in local currency.

Historical Data

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World Trade (2020): $16.7T

Top Export (2020): Electronic integrated circuits, $669B

The following visualization shows the total trade for the World, aswell as its product product disaggregation.

Adding a country in the selector will include a new line, and clicking a line will show the product disaggregation in that month.

For more information, visit the Country or Product profile.

Largest Export by Country

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The following visualization shows the principal export per country, the product which has grown the most over the past 5 years or the product in which the country has a higher level of specialization, measured by the RCA Index.

Comparative Advantage

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This chart compares trade between both selected countries, considering products traded by both.

To check more in depth countries comparisons, check the Country to Country profile.

Subnational Data Availability

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The following visualization shows the latest trade data for world economies, depending on data availability.

For more information, visit the Data Availability page.

To download full datasets, visit the Bulk Downloads page.

** Using January 2020 exchange rates when trade data is reported in local currency

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Economic Complexity

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Economic Complexity by Country

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The following visualization shows the Economic Complexity Index and Economic Complexity Ranking of Each Country

The Economic Complexity Index, or ECI, is a measure of an economy’s capacity which can be inferred from data connecting locations to the activities that are present in them. For more info about Economic Complexity, visit the Economic Complexity page.

Estimated using exports data.

Discover Economic Complexity

The product space is a network connecting products that are likely to be co-exported. The product space can be used to predict future exports, since countries are more likely to start exporting products that are related to current exports. Relatedness measures the distance between a product, and all of the products it is currently specialized in.

Main Product by Country

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The following network visualization shows the top exporter, top importer and most specialized country by product at HS4 level.

RCA is used to measure the specialization of a country in a product.