Rubber in Somalia

EXPORTS (2012): $34.2k, World Rnk 106 / 124
Flag Rnk 46 / 149

TOP DESTINATION (2012): $34.2k, Egypt

FASTEST GROWING MARKET (2007 - 2012): $34.2k, Egypt

IMPORTS (2018): $4.74k, World Rnk 154 / 169
Flag Rnk 798 / 865

TOP ORIGIN (2018): $3.65k, Turkey

FASTEST GROWING ORIGIN (2016 - 2018): $3.65k, Turkey

Overview: This page contains the latest trade data of Rubber in Somalia.

Exports: In 2012, Somalia exported $34.2k in Rubber, making it the 106th largest exporter of Rubber in the world. At the same year, Rubber was the 46th most exported product in Somalia. The main destination of Rubber exports from Somalia are: Egypt ($34.2k).

The fastest growing export markets for Rubber of Somalia between 2007 and 2012 were Egypt ($34.2k).

Imports: In 2018, Somalia imported $4.74k in Rubber, becoming the 154th largest importer of Rubber in the world. At the same year, Rubber was the 798th most imported product in Somalia. Somalia imports Rubber primarily from: Turkey ($3.65k) and France ($1.09k).

The fastest growing import markets in Rubber for Somalia between 2016 and 2018 were Turkey ($3.65k) and France ($1.09k).


EXPORTS (2012): $34.2k

IMPORTS (2018): $4.74k

NET TRADE (2018): -$4.74k

In 2012, Somalia exported $34.2k in Rubber. The main destinations of Somalia exports on Rubber were Egypt ($34.2k).

In 2018, Somalia imported $4.74k in Rubber, mainly from Turkey ($3.65k) and France ($1.09k).

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IN 2012, Somalia HAD A POSITIVE NET TRADE IN Rubber WITH:: Egypt, $34.2k ($34.2k - $0)


  • Turkey, -$3.65k ($0 - $3.65k)
  • France, -$1.09k ($0 - $1.09k)

THE FASTEST GROWING Rubber EXPORT MARKETS FOR Somalia WERE (2007 - 2012):: Egypt, $34.2k (1%)

THE FASTEST DECLINING MARKETS FOR THE EXPORT OF Rubber BY Somalia WERE (2007 - 2012):: Venezuela, -$195k (-100%)

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Market Concentration

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In 2018, Somalia's main exporting competitors in Rubber were:

In 2018, Somalia's main importing competitors in Rubber were:

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Trade Forecasts

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This section shows forecasts for total exports and imports, for Rubber in Somalia. The forecast is based on a short-term, medium-term and long-term model using yearly trade data.

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