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The top exporters of 玻璃瓶 are 埃及 ($14.5 Million), 乌克兰 ($8.08 Million), 尼日利亚 ($6.71 Million), 肯尼亚 ($6.23 Million) and 墨西哥 ($5.65 Million). The top importers are 肯尼亚 ($9.9 Million), 加纳 ($8.97 Million), 乌干达 ($5.5 Million), 格鲁吉亚 ($4.91 Million) and 摩尔多瓦 ($4.4 Million).

玻璃瓶 also known as 罐, 壶, 石匠, vaccuum, 瓶.

玻璃瓶 a 4 digit SITC product.

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