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The top exporters of 准备好的水果 are 阿根廷 ($12.5 Million), 菲律宾 ($7.05 Million), 乌克兰 ($2.68 Million), 新加坡 ($1.82 Million) and 肯尼亚 ($1.22 Million). The top importers are 肯尼亚 ($6.11 Million), 新加坡 ($4.86 Million), 乌克兰 ($3.91 Million), 菲律宾 ($2.84 Million) and 摩尔多瓦 ($2.3 Million).

准备好的水果 also known as 坚果, 炒货.

准备好的水果 a 4 digit SITC product.

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