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打击乐器 the 1030th most traded product and the 1046th most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

The top exporters of 打击乐器 are 中国 ($145 Million), 德国 ($47.6 Million), 美国 ($46.1 Million), 亚洲其他地区 ($36.4 Million) and 荷兰 ($30.1 Million). The top importers are 美国 ($114 Million), 德国 ($50.7 Million), 中国 ($22.8 Million), 日本 ($19.8 Million) and 联合王国 ($18.3 Million).

打击乐器 also known as 鼓, 木琴, 钹, 响板, 响葫芦.

打击乐器 a 4 digit HS92 product.

打击乐器 Trade

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