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碳基电子 the 476th most traded product and the 325th most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

The top exporters of 碳基电子 are 中国 ($1.65 Billion), 日本 ($382 Million), 德国 ($319 Million), 荷兰 ($315 Million) and 西班牙 ($251 Million). The top importers are 俄国 ($402 Million), 冰岛 ($310 Million), 加拿大 ($267 Million), 土耳其 ($219 Million) and 德国 ($208 Million).

碳基电子 also known as 碳电极, 碳刷, 灯碳棒, 电池碳棒.

碳基电子 a 4 digit HS92 product.

碳基电子 Trade

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