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印刷电路板 the 87th most traded product and the 351st most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

The top exporters of 印刷电路板 are 中国 ($16.1 Billions), 韩国 ($5.26 Billions), 亚洲其他地区 ($5.04 Billions), 日本 ($2.4 Billions) and 泰国 ($1.5 Billions). The top importers are 香港 ($9.7 Billions), 中国 ($6.94 Billions), 越南 ($2.81 Billions), 韩国 ($2.38 Billions) and 德国 ($2.16 Billions).

印刷电路板 the top export of 瓦利斯和富图纳群岛.

印刷电路板 also known as PCB板, 主板.

印刷电路板 a 4 digit HS92 product.

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