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英属印度洋领地 verb_is the 213th largest export economy in the world. In 2017, 英属印度洋领地 exported $9.1 Millions and imported $63 Millions, resulting in a negative trade balance of $53.9 Millions.

The top exports 英属印度洋领地 are 非鱼片冷冻鱼 ($4.81 Millions), 石油天然气 ($1.12 Millions), 石材加工机械 ($577 Thousands), 涂平轧铁 ($572 Thousands) and 集成电路 ($299 Thousands), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are 原油 ($27.7 Millions), 精炼石油 ($17.8 Millions), 其他非食用动物产品 ($7.94 Millions), 机械木浆 ($2.56 Millions) and 废铁 ($555 Thousands).

The top export destinations 英属印度洋领地 are 新加坡 ($5.05 Millions), 加纳 ($1.27 Millions), 缅甸 ($1.13 Millions), 秘鲁 ($577 Thousands) and 瑞典 ($241 Thousands). The top import origins are 美国 ($35.1 Millions), 新加坡 ($19 Millions), 希腊 ($8.2 Millions), 马来西亚 ($178 Thousands) and 罗马尼亚 ($119 Thousands).

英属印度洋领地 is an island and borders 马尔代夫 by sea.

Economic Complexity 英属印度洋领地

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