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福克兰群岛 verb_is the 173rd largest export economy in the world. In 2017, 福克兰群岛 exported $207 Million and imported $113 Million, resulting in a positive trade balance of $94.2 Million.

The top exports 福克兰群岛 are 软体动物 ($171 Million), 非鱼片冷冻鱼 ($18.8 Million), 羊毛 ($10.9 Million), 绵羊肉和山羊肉 ($2.87 Million) and 氮肥 ($1.23 Million), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are 精炼石油 ($20.2 Million), 钓鱼船 ($17.8 Million), 特殊用途船 ($14.9 Million), 铁结构 ($3.75 Million) and 汽车 ($2.67 Million).

The top export destinations 福克兰群岛 are 西班牙 ($170 Million), 美国 ($8.62 Million), 南非 ($7.5 Million), 联合王国 ($4.71 Million) and 保加利亚 ($4.35 Million). The top import origins are 联合王国 ($56.9 Million), 西班牙 ($33.1 Million), 希腊 ($12.9 Million), 荷兰 ($6.89 Million) and 俄国 ($1.76 Million).

福克兰群岛 borders 玻利维亚, 巴西, 智利, 巴拉圭 and 乌拉圭 by land and 阿根廷 by sea.

Economic Complexity 福克兰群岛

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