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百慕大 verb_is the 180th largest export economy in the world. In 2017, 百慕大 exported $142 Millions and imported $1.79 Billions, resulting in a negative trade balance of $1.65 Billions.

The top exports 百慕大 are 飞机,直升机,和/或航天器 ($65.3 Millions), 石油天然气 ($44.6 Millions), 烈性酒 ($12.4 Millions), 其它电力机械 ($2.79 Millions) and 话筒和耳机 ($1.88 Millions), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are 客船和货船 ($848 Millions), 精炼石油 ($102 Millions), 邮票 ($36.8 Millions), 绘画 ($34.2 Millions) and 汽车 ($28.6 Millions).

The top export destinations 百慕大 are 比利时 - 卢森堡 ($65.4 Millions), 巴基斯坦 ($44.6 Millions), 美国 ($10.1 Millions), 德国 ($7.96 Millions) and 联合王国 ($2.34 Millions). The top import origins are 韩国 ($851 Millions), 美国 ($580 Millions), 联合王国 ($73.8 Millions), 加拿大 ($67.8 Millions) and 德国 ($21.6 Millions).

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