Overview This page contains the latest international trade data for Minas Gerais. In April 2022 Minas Gerais was the number N/A in total exports and the number N/A in total imports in Brazil.

Economic Complexity In 2020, the highest complexity exports of Minas Gerais according to the product complexity index (PCI) are N/A. PCI measures the knowledge intensity of a product by considering the knowledge intensity of its exporters.

Historical Data

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Exports Dynamics

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Fastest Growing Exports Destination (Apr 2021 - Apr 2022)

Rapidly Declining Export Origins (Apr 2021 - Apr 2022)

Imports Dynamics

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Fastest Growing Import Origins (Apr 2021 - Apr 2022)

Rapidly Declining Import Origins (Apr 2021 - Apr 2022)

Economic Complexity

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Economic Complexity of Minas Gerais

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Economic Complexity (2021): -0.57

Minas Gerais ranks 9th out of the N/A states in Brazil according to ECI.

The Economic Complexity Index, or ECI, is a measure of an economy’s capacity which can be inferred from data connecting locations to the activities that are present in them. For more info about Economic Complexity, visit the Economic Complexity page.

Estimated using exports data.

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Economic Complexity Ranking

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The economic complexity of a territory can change year to year. Minas Gerais it is in position 9th considering its ECI in the last year.

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Export Opportunities by Relatedness

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The top export opportunities according to the relatedness level, without considering those products were Minas Gerais already has a comparative advantage, are led by Manganese Ore (0.12), Ground Nuts (0.094), Rice (0.092), Ground Nut Oil (0.091), and Copper Ore (0.086).

Most Complex Products by PCI

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Most Specialized Products by RCA Index

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The most specialized products according to the RCA index are led by Pig Iron (110.4), Iron Ore (69.8), Coffee (68.3), Slate (39.5), and Other Metals (32.9).

The product space is a network connecting products that are likely to be co-exported. The product space can be used to predict future exports, since Minas Gerais is more likely to start exporting products that are related to current exports. Relatedness measures the distance between a product, and all of the products it is currently specialized in.

Relatedness Space

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This network shows the products most related to the production structure of  Minas Gerais. These are products that tend to be co-exported with the products that Minas Gerais exports. Higher relatedness values ​​indicate greater knowledge, which predicts a greater probability of exporting that product in the future.

Diversification Frontier

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The Complexity-Relatedness diagram compares the risk and the strategic value of a territory's potential export oppotunities. Relatedness is a predictive of the probability that a country increases its exports in a product. Complexity, is associated with higher levels of income, economic growth, less income inequality, and lower emissions. Bubble size corresponds to exports value by year 2020.