Municipality in Bahia State in Brazil

Imports (2019): $1.06k, Rnk 1976/2197

Top Origin (2019): $1.06k, United States

Top Import (2019): $1.06k, Valves

Overview: This page contains the latest international trade data for Araças, including export and import data.

Exports: In 2019, Brazil's Araças did not report exports.

Imports: In 2019, Brazil's Araças imported $1.06k, making it the 1976th largest importer out of the 2197 importers in Brazil. In 2019 top imports of Araças were Valves ($1.06k).

Yearly Imports

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Top Origin (2019): United States, $1.06k

Top Import (2019): Valves, $1.06k

In 2019 the top import origins of Araças were United States ($1.06k).

In 2019 the top imports of Araças were Valves ($1.06k).

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This section shows forecasts for total exports and imports from Araças. The forecast is based in a Long Short-Term Memory Model constructed using monthly trade data.

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