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Overview This page contains the latest trade data of Delivery Trucks. In N/A, Delivery Trucks were the world's N/A most traded product, with a total trade of N/A. Between 2019 and N/A the exports of Delivery Trucks N/A by N/A, from $141B to N/A. Trade in Delivery Trucks represent N/A of total world trade.

Exports In N/A the top exporters of Delivery Trucks  were Mexico ($23.8B), United States ($14.4B), Germany ($9.51B), France ($6.8B), and Japan ($6.77B).

Imports In N/A the top importers of Delivery Trucks were N/A.


The following visualization shows the latest trends on Delivery Trucks. Countries are shown based on data availability.

For a full breakdown of trade patterns, visit the trend explorer or the product in country profile.

* Using January 2020 exchange rates when trade data is reported in local currency.

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