Kyrgyzstan Exports Services (2016): $823M

Kyrgyzstan Imports Services (2016): $1.02B

In 2016, Kyrgyzstan exported $823M worth of services. The top services exported by Kyrgyzstan in 2016 were N/A.

The top services imported by Kyrgyzstan in 2016 were N/A.

Tariffs by Product

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The top product import tariffs by their MFN Ad Valorem value for Kyrgyzstan are Ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured (100%) and Undenatured ethyl alcohol > 80% by volume (100%).

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*The tariffs applied to imports for Kyrgyzstan are:
120: Customs Union of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union: Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, enlarged in 2015 to include Armenia and Kyrgyzstan
136: Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement
155: Preferential tariff among Developing Countries
190: Preferential tariff for Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries
254: Preferential tariff for Least Developed Countries
333: Preferential tariff for Vietnam