Epoxides in Marshall Islands

EXPORTS (2000): $5.88k, World Rnk 63 / 67
Flag Rnk 48 / 75

TOP DESTINATION (2000): $5.88k, Yugoslavia

FASTEST GROWING MARKET (N/A - 2000): $5.88k, Yugoslavia

PRODUCT COMPLEXITY  IN Epoxides (2018): 1.36, Rnk 73 / 1018

Overview: This page contains the latest trade data of Epoxides in Marshall Islands.

Exports: In 2000, Marshall Islands exported $5.88k in Epoxides, making it the 63rd largest exporter of Epoxides in the world. At the same year, Epoxides was the 48th most exported product in Marshall Islands. The main destination of Epoxides exports from Marshall Islands are: Yugoslavia ($5.88k).

The fastest growing export markets for Epoxides of Marshall Islands between N/A and 2000 were Yugoslavia ($5.88k).


EXPORTS (2000): $5.88k

In 2000, Marshall Islands exported $5.88k in Epoxides. The main destinations of Marshall Islands exports on Epoxides were Yugoslavia ($5.88k).

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THE FASTEST GROWING Epoxides EXPORT MARKETS FOR Marshall Islands WERE (N/A - 2000):: Yugoslavia, $5.88k (1%)

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Market Concentration

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In 2018, Marshall Islands's main exporting competitors in Epoxides were:

In 2018, Marshall Islands's main importing competitors in Epoxides were:

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Trade Forecasts

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This section shows forecasts for total exports and imports, for Epoxides in Marshall Islands. The forecast is based on a short-term, medium-term and long-term model using yearly trade data.

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