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: 1.46, Rnk 12 / 127

PRODUCT COMPLEXITY  IN Electric Soldering Equipment
: 1.78, Rnk 16 / 1029

Exports In 2020, Slovenia exported N/A in Electric Soldering Equipment, making it the 29th largest exporter of Electric Soldering Equipment in the world. At the same year, Electric Soldering Equipment was the 181st most exported product in Slovenia. The main destination of Electric Soldering Equipment exports from Slovenia are: Germany ($11.1M), Serbia ($6.63M), Croatia ($3.22M), Netherlands ($1.87M), and Austria ($1.85M).

The fastest growing export markets for Electric Soldering Equipment of Slovenia between 2019 and 2020 were Serbia ($4.28M), Croatia ($1.9M), and Netherlands ($1.52M).

Tariffs In 2003, the average tariff for Slovenia in Electric Soldering Equipment was 11.6%. The countries with the highest import tariffs for Electric Soldering Equipment were Angola (Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement, 13.1%), Burundi (Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement, 13.1%), Benin (Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement, 13.1%), Burkina Faso (Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement, 13.1%), and Botswana (Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement, 13.1%).

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