Flag Christmas Island / North Korea Flag

Economic Complexity of Flag (2018): ECI -0.27, Rnk 80 / 137

In N/A, Christmas Island did not exported services to North Korea.

North Korea-Christmas Island: In false, North Korea did not exported products to Christmas Island.

In N/A, North Korea did not exported services to Christmas Island.

Comparison: In 2018,  Christmas Island ranked 206 in total exports ($21.6M), and does not have data regarding Economic Complexity Index. That same year, North Korea ranked 80 in the Economic Complexity Index (ECI -0.27), and 167 in total exports ($291M).

Market Competitiveness

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Christmas Island
Top Destination
: Malaysia, $9.79M

North Korea
Top Destination
: China, $182M

This map shows whether countries import more from Christmas Island or North Korea. Each country is colored based on the difference in imports they receive from Christmas Island and North Korea or the difference in the growth in imports.

In 2018, countries that imported more from Christmas Island than North Korea were Malaysia ($9.79M), Indonesia ($4.74M), and New Zealand ($3.61M).

In 2018, countries that imported more from North Korea than Christmas Island were China ($182M), Zambia ($20M), and Mozambique ($7.81M).

Trade Forecasts

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This section shows a forecast for total trade between ${linkedName1} and ${linkedName2}. The forecast is based on a long short-term memory model or LSTM constructed using yearly trade data.

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Economic Complexity

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Competitive Landscape

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This visualization show the product space at the HS4 level colored from blue to red.  This mean that the more blue a dot/product is, the more Christmas Island has comparative advantage over North Korea. Similarly, the more red a dot/product is, the more North Korea has comparative advantage over Christmas Island.