Flag Christmas Island / Kenya Flag

Economic Complexity of Flag (2018): ECI -0.43, Rnk 83 / 137

GDP Flag (2018): $87.9B, CURRENT US$
Rnk 65 / 196

GDP GROWTH Flag (2008-2018): 145%, CURRENT US$
Rnk 11 / 196

GDP PC Flag (2018): $1,711, CURRENT US$
Rnk 155 / 196

GDP PC GROWTH Flag (2008-2018): 89.6%, CURRENT US$
Rnk 21 / 196

Christmas Island-Kenya: Christmas Island does not register exports to Kenya.

Kenya-Christmas Island: Kenya does not register exports to Christmas Island.

Comparison: In 2018, Christmas Island ranked 206 in total exports ($21.6M), and does not have data regarding Economic Complexity Index. That same year, Kenya ranked 83 in the Economic Complexity Index (ECI -0.43), and 103 in total exports ($6.63B). In terms of GDP Per Capita, Kenya was ranked 155 with a GDP Per Capita of $1,711, while Christmas Island has no data regarding GDP Per Capita in 2018.

Market Competitiveness

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Christmas Island
Top Destination
: Malaysia, $9.79M

Top Destination
: Uganda, $643M

This map shows whether countries import more from Christmas Island or Kenya. Each country is colored based on the difference in imports they receive from Christmas Island and Kenya or the difference in the growth in imports.

In 2018, countries that imported more from Christmas Island than Kenya were New Zealand ($3.61M).

In 2018, countries that imported more from Kenya than Christmas Island were Uganda ($643M), Pakistan ($575M), and United States ($527M).

Trade Forecasts

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This section shows a forecast for total trade between Christmas Island and Kenya. The forecast is based on a long short-term memory model or LSTM constructed using yearly trade data.

To create custom forecast, or modify the parameters of the forecasting model, visit our Forecast Section.

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Economic Complexity

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Competitive Landscape

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This visualization show the product space at the HS4 level colored from blue to red.  This mean that the more blue a dot/product is, the more Christmas Island has comparative advantage over Kenya. Similarly, the more red a dot/product is, the more Kenya has comparative advantage over Christmas Island.